lady bound to car with nipples and clit cruelly clamped

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Women helpless in the woods...

pain and pleasure... fear and desire...
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This lovely redheaded slut seems nonchalant, almost bored, as she's tied to the front of the jeep.

Wrists attached to the grill, waist tightly secured, even the crotch rope spreading her labie doesn't seem to faze her.
Her concern grows as she is fitted with a ball gag.

As her limbs tire in the bondage, the gag makes her drool.

A set of clamps is attached to her nipples, attached to a second set of clamps, which punish her clit and labia.
Gag removed, her attitude remains properly subservient while the clamps remain in place.

Girls tied to trees, chained to crosses and gagged with sticks... the remote wilderness, where no one can hear them scream.
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